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Blackmores Night
Blackmores Night

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Underneath the harvest moon
Where the ancient shadows will play and hide...
With a ghostly tune and the devil's pride...
"Stranger" whispered all the town
Has he come to save us from Satan's hand?
Leading them away to a foreign land...

Play for me, minstrel, play
And take away our sorrows...
Play for me, minstrel, play
And we'll follow...
Hear, listen, can you hear,
The haunting melody surrounding you,
Weaving a magic spell all around you...

Danger hidden in his eyes,
We should have seen it from far away,
Wearing such a thin disguise in the light of day...
He held the answer to our prayers,
Yet it was too good to be...
Proof before our very eyes, yet we could not see...

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